General presentation

(from SUPAERO audio-video office) The video i Hi-resolution, click here

Scientific Committee

     Gregg Abate, US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
     Krzysztof Sibilski Poland Air Force Institute of Technology, Poland
     Evgeny Sokolov, Univ. St Petersburg, Russia
     Charles Ellington, Cambridge Univ., UK
     Christian Boller, Univ. Sheffield, UK
     Peter Vörsmann, Univ. Braunschweig, Germany
     Surya Surampudi, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, UK
    Peter Ifju, University of Florida, USA
     Wei Shyy, University of Michigan, USA
     Sergey Shkarayev, University of Arizona, USA
     Claude Le Tallec, ONERA, France
     Nicolas Dufetelle, DGA, France
     Jean-Marc Moschetta, ISAE, France (event coordinator)
     Tarek Hamel, I3S UNSA-CNRS, France


The schedule is available in pdf and Excel format. click on link and see description page of each activity.

Mon 17 am pm
13:00 Registration & Welcome
13:45 Opening address Jean-Marc Moschetta , ISAE, event coordinator
Pratice flying 14:00 Keynote lecture : Dr. Young, AMRDEC, USA
Muret RC modelers airfield 14:30 Plenary session 1 - 3 speakers
(all day long) 15:45 Coffee break & posters
16:15 Plenary session 2 - 3 speakers
17:30 End session 2
17:45 Buses depart from conference site
18:15 Reception at the City Hall "Le Capitole"
19:00 Reception ends
Tue 18
7:15 Group A: buses depart from conference site to Airbus 13:15 Keynote lecture : Prof. Ifju, Univ. Florida, USA
8:00 Visit A380 (group A) 13:45 Plenary session 3 - 3 speakers
9:50 Buses return to conference site 15:00 Team presentations (outdoor & indoor in
10:00 Keynote lecture : Mr. Van Blyenburgh, UVS Int., France parallel sessions) - 9 x 2 teams
10:30 16:30 Refreshments
  17:00 Team presentations (outdoor & indoor in
parallel sessions) - 9 x 2 teams
12:10 Lunch 18:30 End of sessions
Wed 19
7:30 Buses depart from conference site 13:30 Tech demos - 6 teams
8:30 14:30 Outdoor flight sessions (2) - 6 teams
16:30 Outdoor flight sessions ends
17:00 Buses depart from airfield
Outdoor flight session (1) - 12 teams 18:00 Buses drop participants at downtown hotels
DGA Fonsorbes airfield
19:20 Banquet : Salle "Gaston Doumergue"
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie
22:00 Distinguished lecture "Flight testing of the A380"
23:00 Banquet ends
12:30 Picnic
Thu 20
8:30 Keynote lecture : Mr. Dufetelle, DGA, France 13:45 Buses depart to indoor competition hall
9:00 Plenary session 4 - 3 speakers 14:15
10:15 Coffee break & posters Indoor competition & tech demos
10:45 Keynote lecture : Dr. Russel, AFSOR, USA
11:15 Plenary session 5 - 3 speakers 17:00 static exhibition & cocktail
12:30 Lunch 19:00 End of static exhibition
Fri 21
7:15 Group A: buses depart from conference site to Airbus    
8:00 Visit A380 (group B) 13:15 Post-flight session (indoor & outdoor in parallel)
9:50 Buses return to conference site 14:45 Coffee break
10:00 Keynote lecture : Dr. Fabiani ONERA, France 15:00 Awards ceremony & vote of thanks (plenary)
10:30 Plenary session 6 - 3 speakers Announcement of forthcoming MAV events
11:45 End session 2 16:00 Buses depart to airport
12:00 Lunch

List of participants

    The complete list is available in pdf

Local Organizing Committee

    Laurence Jeanton, SUPAERO
    Boris Bataillé, SUPAERO
    Jean-Marc Moschetta, SUPAERO
    Sylvie Gay, ENSICA
    Yves Brière, ENSICA
    Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud, ENAC
    Pascal Brisset, ENAC
    Pierre-Selim Huard, ENAC
    Simon Lacroix, CNRS-LAAS
    Nadine Barriety, ONERA Midi-Pyrénées

Competition Outdoor judges

US Gregg ABATE, US Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate, FL, USA
France Nicolas DUFETELLE, UAV Executive, French MoD Procurement Agency (DGA), France
France Patrick FABIANI, Head of Control & Flight Dynamics Dept, ONERA, France
US Tim McLAIN, Chair of Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, UT, USA
Russia Evgeny SOKOLOV, Head of Laboratory, Central Research and Developing Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, Russia

Outdoor Judges at work (E. Sokolov, N. Dufetelle, P. Fabiani)
E. Sokolov & N. Dufetelle

Competition Indoor judges

France Aurelia AUTRAN, Mini-UAV system engineer, French MoD Procurement Agency (DGA), France
UK Christian BOLLER, Professor in Smart Structural Design, University of Sheffield, UK
US John JOHNSON, Aviation and Missile Technology, U.S. Army International Technology Center-Atlantic, London, UK
US Surya SURAMPUDI, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, UK
Japan Hiroshi TOKUTAKE, Dept of Aerospace Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Indor Judges at work (S. SurampudiI, J. Johson, C. Boller)
Judge control work : Size and weight

Spouse program

Organized by Christiane BOYER (SUPAERO)

Monday afternoon 17 :

2.30 - 4.30 pm
Walking city tour with an English-speaking guide (I) : " Trésors du Patrimoine ", Le Capitole, Le Couvent des Jacobins, L'Hôtel de Bernuy, La Basilique Saint-Sernin
6 pm
Reception at the City Hall , Le Capitole

Tuesday 18 :

7:15 - 9:50am
Visit at Airbus (A380)
10:30 - 12:30am
Walking city tour with an English-speaking guide (II) : Musée des Augustins, Cathédrale Saint-Etienne
2.30 - 4 pm
Boat cruise on the Garonne
4 - 6 pm
Shopping in Toulouse

Wednesday 19 :

9am - 5pm
Visit of Albi
Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile + Musée Toulouse Lautrec + Albi with an English-speaking guide

Thursday 20 :

8 - 12 am
French cuisine
French cuisine academy (I) :
"Préparer le véritable pain français accompagné d'un boulanger." (Make your own real French bread under the supervision of a professional baker)
2:15 - 5:00 pm
MAV07 indoor Competition gym hall

Friday 18 :

7:15 - 9:50am
Visit at Airbus (A380)